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Ghost Detector Pro

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Developer: Anthony LaMantia
1.99 USD

(Update with 3D display and more sensors in development)

Using the basic environmental sensors on the iphone and ipod touch devices and complex statistical models you can now detect paranormal events (“ghosts”) in the palm of your hand with Ghost Detector Pro.


Due to the sensitivity of the sensors heavy shaking,rotation and sudden movement will cause problems with the display (sightings flying around, or totally removed from the map to accurate be as still as possible)


It can take some time for activity to be detected, some times up to 7-12 hours in non-active locations.

Feature: Scanning

Watch the radar scope and monitor detected paranormal activities.

Feature: Audio

With Ghost Detector Pro you can put your handheld on the table turn up the speaker volume and listen for the audible alerts regarding paranormal (“ghost”) activity.

or if your the sort who enjoys a quiet room, leave the sound off and keep a eye on the textual stats on the main screen.

our mathematical computations are very intense and we have tried to tune our algorithms to allow for the fastest running speed possible but this is a on going work in the future the scanning operations will be much quicker.. but right now we can only perform about 1.3 cycles per second

Sensitivity controls
Support for more detailed textual output and graphing.
Support for better visual output.
Switch Display to OpenGL|ES rather then Quartz
GPS support to report areas of high activity if desired.

Happy Hunting!!


this application is intended for entertainment purposes only the output should not be taken to confirm the absolute existence of ghosts.

( is up check it out )